Slingshot Method
Get Action

Getting your Prospects to Take Action on your Posts is as Easy as ABC!

Let’s be honest – all this social posting, email marketing, SEO, networking, YouTubing – what we are really looking to accomplish is the conversion of the masses to the mother-load of new clients for our businesses.

We are doing all these activities to attract the right client (perfect prospects) at the right time (now) to purchase the right solution.

Our solution.

The challenge is that while it’s easy to feel productive in the activity of social posting, the proof that it actually is productive is client engagements that result in meetings, proposals, and signed deals.

The battle we are engaged in is more like waging a war to liberate our prospects from all the other distractions that are preventing them from hearing us as we scream our social posting battle cry.

“Pick me.  Pick me.  For God’s sake, pick me.”

For some of us, our attention-seeking tactics are wimpy at best; just post anything and count hearts and high fives as wins.

For still others, it’s a posting style that verges on obnoxious.  You can fill in your favorite example here.

I’m not judging.  Wimpy or obnoxious, I would argue that we all are doing our level best to get the word out in the most efficient, effective way possible and get to the work of helping more clients with better solutions.

What we desire at our sales fantasy core is to get enough prospects to focus on us and then filter the cream of the client crop to rise to the surface of the 29,407 likes we received on our most recent social post and to get those professionals to….


Take Action Now!


In the frenzy that is Social Media, our target of focus is to influence our audience (our RIGHT audience) to put one foot in front of the other towards our awesome solutions.

This call to action is our business mission.  The responsibility of business is to get our prospects to follow the yellow brick road right to our door.

It’s not to get a bazillion likes and comments that go nowhere.  Perhaps that feels good to get that dopamine rush when we see how much the world really likes us.

But, slap-slap, wake up from your social stupor.

Those likes are meaningless unless they lead to some big changes namely, how your prospects obtain the best products and services from you.

As a social promotor of your business products, your job is to leverage the likes, comments, and shares to cull the best and leave the rest for later or to relegate those likes to the status of vicarious brand evangelists liking and sharing your goodness as fanatics of your brand brilliance!

All of this is dependent on action.

So, the big question to answer is how do I get exponential business impact in the form of more professionals taking action from all the hard work I’m doing and posting like crazy on Social platforms?

Use this simple ABC method to align social posting, and calls to action with your Social Media client acquisition targets.

A-Attract your Audience

Call to Action Goal– Follow Me!

For professionals and organizations just starting out, audience building is key and ongoing.  Social posting focus is ideal for building a targeted audience who is listening to what you are saying.  The story you share must draw them in and have cliffhangers (reasons to come back) to get your audience to tune in again and again.

Promote  “what’s in it for the prospect” to come back regularly.

The call to action is an invitation to “follow us” because we’re entertaining experts and our posts prove it.

Be sure to add in the fun factor as you plan your posts.  We live in a world captivated by 30-second bursts of mindless cat videos.  Yes, this is your competition!  If you want to win the battle, you need the right artillery.  Entertainment is king.  Keep it short.  Collect contact info and emails as early as possible.  You are not the owner of the social platform.  Don’t leave yourself and your brand vulnerable to not having key data elements on your followers.

B-Build your brand

Call to Action Focus Goal – Comment below or share my post!

If the goal is to establish your brand or you as the expert, we need our followers to engage to demonstrate the muscle of our brand power.  This is done through comments and sharing.  It’s great if you tell your story.  Your story has more power when others are so impacted that they share your story. Encourage engagement and join the conversation wherever and whenever possible.

Be human on your social platforms.  Ultimately, these are the connections all your followers want! Promote engagement and sharing.

C-Create a no brainer offer

Call to Action Focus Goal-Provide your email, sign up for, and take advantage of……..

Once we have an audience as evidenced by the metrics and the engagement, as well as a growing community, we are ready to test the effectiveness of our social strategy by setting sail into sales waters with offers.  This is where we trade on the brand value our social presence has been building.  This could be as simple as offering a “free” download when a prospect provides an email address to a timed promotional offer to a product landing page for a webinar or next level offer.

Social posting takes time, lots of time.

Our businesses deserve to get the benefits of our hard work.  This means more intentionality and focus on specifics with a clear target that we can see.

If we can see it, we can help others see it too using social media effectively and efficiently to hit the business growth bullseye. That’s the Slingshot Method way!

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Cathleen Mancino is a Peak Performance Sales and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping clients make impactful presentations that get clients motivated to make decisions!