Slingshot Method

Transform Your Business with Tailored Strategies

Take Your Business to a New Level

Our mission and the reason we do what we do is to empower excellence through transformative programs.

The Slingshot Method Philosophy is people-centric and founded in the proven growth strategies, brain science and our proprietary frameworks.

We coach, mentor, train and revitalize CEO’s, Executives, Sales Leaders and Sales Producers. Our clients become fearless, unstoppable, courageous professionals who overcome obstacles in the way of meaningful goals and lasting behavior change.

They become the extraordinary performers that step toward potential with empowered confidence.

Coaching * Training* Sales and Leadership Off-sites* Consulting and Assessments

Build your people
Grow your sales

Individual Coaching
Team Building

Delivering what is right for your company

Programs can include coaching, trainings, workshops and be delivered in person, off-site and virtually.

Program Subjects

  • Sales
    •  Prospecting
    • Lead Generation
    • Qualifying Sales Opportunities
    • The Presentation
    • Overcoming Objections
    • The Close
  • Business Growth
    • Assessments
    • Vision and Clarity
  • Mindset
    • Personal Growth
    • Professional Growth
  • Teams
    • Sales
    • Leadership
    • Team Leadership
  • Leadership
    • Sr Level
    • Mid Level
  • Goals
    • Setting
    • Benchmarks
    • Tools to achieve

Delivery Options

  • In Person
  • Virtual
  • On-Site
  • Off-Site
  • Webinar
  • Retreat
  • Sabbatical
  • Coaching
  • Mastermind


  • Entire Company
  • Teams
  • Individuals

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