Slingshot Method

Revenue building with executive and sales leadership coaching, consulting and training

Growing Businesses Empower their People with Transformational

Training, Coaching and Skill Building Events

Winners are not interested in being average.

Professionals who win as leaders of successful businesses invest in the tools, skill building and

people development programs that optimize professional performance.

When you elevate performance,

Performance elevates profits!

Our Solutions Deliver:

For Professionals

Increased impact as a leader

Develop leadership skillsets

Measurable increases in communication and collaboration

Laser-focused clarity on responsibilities critical to high performance at every level

Enhanced productivity through streamlined processes that work

Improved self-awareness

For the Company

Risk managment

Positive bottom-line results

People and processes are in alignment with the organizational purpose and profits are rising

A culture shift characterized by enthusiasm and engagement

Meeting and exceeding project milestones and targets

Improvement in retention

Coaching – Training – On-site and Off-site Programs
are investments in the long-term Success for you and your business.

The Slingshot Method.
Streamlining Your Path to Success with Clarity and Precision.


Empower managers, Grow leaders, and Define a Peak Performance Path for Professionals within the organization.

 Improve the organizational hiring process. 


Sales Growth Coaching and Training Programs, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching,   Women’s Empowerment, Team optimization, Positive Intelligence Culture Building Programs.


Coaching, Consulting, Training, Hosted Professional Development Events (on-site, off-site)

Build Team Member Competency and Team Performance Coaching.


An in-depth discovery session, utilizing competency models and assessments to understand  current position and aspirations.

Define your objectives, uncover obstacles, and develop a strategic roadmap to overcome them.

We don’t stop there. 

Action is key. 

We integrate targeted training, impactful events, and our signature coaching sessions to drive measurable outcomes. 

With our guidance, you’ll not only conquer challenges but also exceed your goals.

Our mission is to redefine success.

Our approach is transformative. 

Our process is to integrate a people-first philosophy with the latest in brain science by designing cutting-edge training and coaching experiences that are engaging and incorporate the newest technologies and business trends. 

At the Slingshot Method we believe the first step towards meaningful goals is to identify the obstacles in the way.

We use assessments to uncover the root causes preventing the growth our clients are capabe of achieving.

Our coaching and training programs empower our clients overcome obstacles.


Coaching has been a valuable and worthwhile investment in my business.

I have been in business for over 33 years now, and finally found a coach that understands me and how I operate.

In 6 short months, we have identified the flaws, bottlenecks, and shortcomings. Once problems were identified, The Slingshot Method went to work systematically on each and the results were fantastic.

Sales are up, stress is down!

Mark Turkel

CEO and CIO of Palm Beach Software Design

This was a great coaching experience and I highly recommend The Slingshot Method. I implemented the recommendations in June of 2022 and my October I had made by annual sales goal. I believe in myself and in the products and services.
Lou C.
Business Owner
I highly recommend working with The Slingshot Method. They helped me to transition from being employed to owning my own company. I was burning out and my health was being affected. I now own a thriving technology company.
Michelle Y.
Technology Company Founder