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Transform Your Business from Invisible into Irresistible

Have you ever reached out to a business prospect that you knew you could help but no matter what you said, they were unwilling to listen? Or, after what you thought was a clear demonstration of the return on investment and value of your product or service your prospect just looks confused? Have you ever introduced a solution you thought was so exciting, innovative, and game-changing only to have it be shut down and you turned around because you were an unknown?

Well, if you can relate to feeling invisible in your business because you are unseen, unheard, and unknown then you need to implement these 7 magic tips into your business process.

7 Magic Tips You Need to Implement in Your Business Process

Tip 1. Instill Belief!

You can’t convince someone to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. Do whatever is necessary to have such a high level of enthusiastic belief in yourself, your product and your service that you literally become infectious with your desire to share the news about what is possible for the clients who choose to work with you. This tip will make you more attractive to prospects than you have ever dreamed possible!

Tip 2. Inspire!

Be a professional who embodies excellence, knowledge, joy, integrity, and energy. Other people will want to be around you because you are someone they can learn from or simply because you are fun, and funny and make them believe they can do the impossible.

Tip 3. Encourage!

The definition of the word is, to inspire hope and courage. Be known as the person who inspires hope and courage and watch how this transforms your business and personal relationships. The world is starved for this rare act of generosity.

Tip 4. Inform!

Yes! Be a source of valuable, necessary, helpful information. Become an expert in your field- a trusted and reliable advisor. Be the person that your prospects and clients go to for answers because of your integrity, knowledge, and experience.

Tip 5. Delight!

Who isn’t reduced to childlike glee by a thoughtful gesture? Delight your clients with a thoughtful surprise, handwritten note, or small personal gift. Commit to getting really good at creating AWE!

Tip 6: Align!

Nothing opens up our prospects more to the idea of working together than when we effectively align the benefits of our products and services with what our prospects need. We can have the best features ever but if our clients are unable to see how not owning or using our product or service is costing them in time and money, we will remain invisible and insignificant and our calls and emails will be deleted.

Tip 7: Appreciation!

The expression of gratitude cannot ever be underestimated in a professional relationship. Mastering the art of giving a heartfelt thank you can be the single largest customer relationship investment you can make for future business. The cost is minimal, but the value is priceless. So many relationship-building opportunities are missed by not exercising this small act of effort to thank our prospects for their time and consideration of our products and solutions.

So, there have it; Instill, Inspire, Encourage, Inform, Delight, Align and Appreciate, 7 of the best Magic Tips to transform yourself from Invisible to Irresistible in your business and your life!


Cathleen Mancino is a Peak Performance Sales and Leadership Coach specializing in helping clients make impactful presentations that get clients motivated to make decisions! For more information or to schedule a private session with Cathleen, visit or schedule an introduction by clicking here