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Why All Sales Professionals Need a LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn is definitely for you Sales Pros!  And we’ve got the stats to prove it in this post!

Anyone who has worked with me as a Professional Coach knows how much I value LinkedIn as a Prospecting Tool.  But, you need to have a LinkedIn strategy in today’s ever-evolving digital marketplace.

In fact, according to Business Insider., LinkedIn is consistently the most trusted social media platform.

And if that doesn’t convince you – a study conducted by Hubspot, found LinkedIn scoring high for sales lead conversion rates.

Since  80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn why wouldn’t professional you put some effort into getting your piece of the LinkedIn pie?

For those of you who are still unconvinced, here are some additional interesting LinkedIn statistics to motivate you to start prioritizing LinkedIn in 2022 so that you hit your Sales, Recruiting, Job Search, Career Change, and Marketing Goals.

  • More than One in Three U.S. adults use LinkedIn (Pew Research, 2019).
  • Over 57 million businesses and 120,000 schools have a LinkedIn account
  • There are 61 million senior-level influencers and 65 million decision-makers on LinkedIn and 10 million C-Level executives on LinkedIn.
  • There are more than 15 million jobs open on LinkedIn
  • 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week
  • There are three people hired every minute on LinkedIn.
  • 80% of people on LinkedIn drive business decisions
  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn
  • 80% of engagement on LinkedIn content comes from mobile devices therefore content must be optimized for mobile.
  • Content is king on LinkedIn, with a 60% rise in content creation within the last year. And,  45% of content readers are managers, CEOs, VPs, and other upper ranks in companies.

Yes, you can reach the key decision-makers you are targeting!

The time is now to optimize your profile, start posting some great content, engage with your ideal prospects and create some meaningful relationships that will ultimately result in more business opportunities for you!

Note: Many of the statistics cited in this article were sourced at 


Cathleen Mancino is a Peak Performance Sales and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping clients make impactful presentations that get clients motivated to make decisions!