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Overcoming the F.U.D. Factor with the F.U.N. Factor

Marketers know the power of overcoming their competition by using Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (F.U.D.) Factor to their advantage.

The factor is fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Used strategically in the marketplace, its purpose is to activate the inner skeptic. The inner skeptic is change-adverse and does not make purchases.

It’s a method of manipulation of sales by introducing suspicion and uncertainty into the buying process. It interjects things like rumors, secrets, and the future here say.

It replaces the noble goal with rapidly changing priority targets. Its survival depends on growing awareness of what can go wrong. The F.U.D. Factor pretends to be a risk mitigator and a safety zone by focusing attention on the worst-case scenario.

It makes a great argument for you and your clients to not do anything now, not do anything yet and not change a thing. In other words, you get stuck.

I see lots of sales professionals F.U.D. themselves by using this strategy against themselves and their own big sales goals.

It’s painful to watch. So much wasted potential!

The struggle is real, however. I personally have succumbed to scary information in the media or a colleague\’s ill-timed, fear-igniting, negative comment. The result for me was to back peddle on my go-forward plan; slow down and re-evaluate my goals.

Maybe shoot for a sure thing instead of what I am sure as hell capable of?

The reason world-class marketers utilize the F.U.D. The factor is because that sh*t is powerful! It’s tough to withstand!

But, FUDding yourself up by internalizing the habits of fear, uncertainty, and doubt sucks.

Don’t be victimized by the diabolical side of the F.U.D. Factor.

Counter-attack with the F.U.N. Factor. The F.U.N. Factor adds positivity and playfulness back into goal-getting.

The F.U.N. factor replaces fear, uncertainty, and doubts with, Faith in yourself and the good work that you do. It’s the choice to be Unstoppable because well unstoppable people who have faith in themselves and their solutions can’t be beaten! And, then recognize that in the end, you control the narrative of the story you sell to yourself.
New Narrative

This will infuse you with superpowers that help counter the damaging impact of the F.U.D. factor in your life and in your business.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt can lose their sting when you fight back with some big F.U.N!


Cathleen Mancino is a Peak Performance Sales and Leadership Coach specializing in helping clients make impactful presentations that get clients motivated to make decisions! For more information or to schedule a private session with Cathleen, visit or schedule an introduction by clicking here