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The 2 Must Have Qualities of a Power Prospector!

I put myself through college by waitressing. I enjoyed it. I loved the energy of celebration in the dining room and the validation that I had made an evening more enjoyable for my guests as evidenced by the really good tips I received!

Years later, as a Sales Professional, that spirit of good service, a great experience, and the impact of special, celebratory moments is something that I have never forgotten.

The best of habits often has humble beginnings.

I have always been known as a Power Sales Prospector. I attribute this to what I learned about great service as a waitress and the fact that I’m committed to delivering delightful experiences…………….. and I’m fearless. I’m also relentless simply because I believe in what I do.

Here’s why this is a winning combination.

Fear messes up the mojo of the incredibly fun experience of people meeting and problem-solving that is the ultimate goal of prospecting. Fear is rooted in lack of belief in who I am and what I do. If I’m afraid, then I am freaking out the “guests” that I am serving. When I make my initial approach and introduction, my attitude must be intentional yet relaxed and confident. I need to have full command of the unique, special “menu of solutions” that I bring to the experience. I can’t push what I like above the desires of my prospects. I can’t be overly enthusiastic because that makes me look like a clown. Nobody trusts a clown! And, I can’t back off just because I didn’t win someone over with the breadbasket!

I must be balanced with so much self-assured confidence that I create an atmosphere of reliability and a refreshing experience that thrills my prospects and makes them want to meet with me again.

Fear utterly destroys the mood.

Power Prospectors are fearless and relentless. They work on these skills with a plan and plenty of practice.

Power Prospectors know that unskilled relentless prospecting is not prospecting at all.

It’s irritating.

I would argue that the respectable, honorable career of a Sales Professional has been sullied by all the blindly relentless sales pitchers who failed to learn the skills of artful, relentless prospecting.

The difference between amateurish and expert is in the commitment to making every interaction a delicious celebration of providing solutions of real value.

If you are struggling with how to overcome fear as a prospector and it’s costing you in sales production or if you honestly do not know the difference between being relentless or being irritating consider getting some outside help. Consider reading some books on the subject, shadowing a Top Producer, getting a Coach, or joining a group like Slingshot’s 10 Week Sales QuickStarter! This is a great way to infuse your prospecting with inspired and creative ways to engage those prospects who need your solutions the most.

Yes, You Can be a fearless, Power Prospector.


Cathleen Mancino is a Peak Performance Sales and Leadership Coach who specializes in helping clients make impactful presentations that get clients motivated to make decisions! For more information or to schedule a private session with Cathleen, visit or schedule an introduction by clicking here