Virtual Zoom and In-Person Events

Let us create and curate the right event for your business.

We have options for a Multi-Day Sales Intensive, a Weekend Team Building Retreat, or a Revitalizing Professional Sabbatical.

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Our events are designed to restore, refuel and recharge professionally and personally.


Using our 10 Module Sales Quick starter program, we can customize a Sales Retreat for your team.  A great way to combine team building with sales skill growth is with an annual Sales Retreat. 

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Attending a leadership retreat is a 3-day opportunity to join a group of like-minded executives to gain insights and perspective while gaining additional best practices tools in a rejuvenating setting away from the pressure and routine.

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On-site Sales Training is based on our QuickStarter and SuperStarter Sales Group Coaching and Mastermind Programs.

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Retreat Weekend Sample Agenda

Friday morning

Everyone arrives at 9:00 am; coffee, tea, and conversation for one hour.

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning

In-depth one-on-one Coaching to set intentions for the new year.

Saturday afternoon

Success exercise (for example, doing a Vision Board together), and setting 90-day goals.

Saturday night

Dinner and fireside chat.

Sunday morning

Presentations/training by group members on specific topics of interest.

Other Retreat Weekend Agendas Include

Guest Speakers

Group Member Knowledge Shares

Team Building Exercises

Lightning-round of Powerful Questions

Set aside time for everyone to work on a big project (and report their progress to the group)

Draw a mind map of a big project you want to complete in the coming year

Massage Therapist or Reflexologist

Reflections and Journal Prompts

Book Discussion​

Retreat Weekends provide a chance to mastermind to a level that you cannot be accomplished in shorter meetings. It also provides a chance to socialize, building stronger bonds with each other.