Measuring What Matters Is Arguably The Single Most Powerful Growth Habit For Sellers

Metrics Slingshot Method

  As a Sales Growth coach, I love the idea of helping my clients with measuring their progress. There is something so motivating about seeing the incremental fruit of hard labor. Each scintilla of growth is proof positive that the goal is possible. So why is there so much resistance to measuring the sales metrics … Read more

Strengthen Your Networking Muscles and Watch Your Business and Career Grow! Our Top Tips For Making Networking Work For You!

Exercise Your Networking Muscles!   There’s no doubt about it, if you’ve got weak a network you’re missing out on one of the best ways to supercharge achieving your professional goals. Start building some networking muscle with our 11 networking exercises to give your business and career a power lift!   Great networking skills put … Read more

LinkedIn Expert – Create Credibility on LinkedIn

Create Credibility on LinkedIn

Are you creating credibility on your LinkedIn profile? One of the most valuable pieces of real estate on your LinkedIn profile is the Featured Section. This feature rolled out in February 2020, and it created an incredible opportunity for you to highlight items for those visiting your profile. The Featured section is a new area … Read more