Our Team

At our core, we are a team of Peak Performance Executive Coaches driven by a shared vision of creating positive change in the world, one exceptional individual at a time.

Through our coaching, we empower our clients to achieve their full potential and build successful businesses, optimize sales production, and foster engaged teams. We work with CEOs, executives, sales teams, and sales leaders who are bold, fearless, and unrelenting in their pursuit of excellence.

Our clients are champions in their fields, adept at overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities that align with their goals. With our guidance, professionals like you can unlock your creativity and innovation, leading fulfilling lives of abundance both personally and professionally.

Our Method

At Slingshot Method, we believe that success shouldn't be complicated. We offer simple yet effective "hacks" that we call Slingshots to help our clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Our coaching framework is built upon the highest ethical coaching standards set by the International Coaching Federation, and our certified coaches are serious about delivering results. If you're ready for change, take our Coaching Readiness Assessment to see if a Slingshot Coach is right for you. We won't bombard you with marketing - we're here to help you take the first step towards a better, more fulfilling future.

How Would It Feel To Achieve Your Potential
Despite Everything Up Until Today That Has Held You Back?

Message from Our Founder

We understand business challenges. We know what it’s like to lead teams to a shared goal. We know how scary it feels to be in transition to an unknown future. We get what it takes for transformation to be a meaningful and gratifying adventure.

Doubts, pressure, and overwhelm are faithful companions of those of us on the frontlines of business and personal growth!

Personally, as a Tech CEO, I had to face down my own demons, doubts, and disappointments. As a result, my team and I know how to coach and mentor our clients to help them achieve breakthroughs.

We don’t guess. We use the power of systems, processes, proven strategies, and effective habit building to create a foundation of achievement.

Our clients overcome the obstacles that are holding them back.

It’s a powerful business medicine and our Slingshot Method Coaches were meant to do this with professionals just like you.

We know that if you are reading this you are feeling both hopeful and skeptical. We don’t blame you. That proves you are a thinking, rational-minded person sorting through all the distractions and striving to find a solution that works for you.

Schedule some time to chat with us, so we can answer all of your questions.

Cathleen Mancino
Founder, CEO, Executive Coach

Whatever stands between your desire and your results, THAT is what the SLINGSHOT Method has been designed to identify and overcome.

We cannot hit a target we cannot see. We cannot see a target that we don’t believe exists or that we don’t believe exists for us.

Our best clients know that they are capable of achieving their goal and getting better and more results than they are currently getting.