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The Slingshot Method

About Slingshot Method: We are a team of Peak Performance  Executive Coaches passionate about making the world better. We do it one incredible, potential-filled human at a time.

Our clients work with us to create successful businesses, engage teams, and optimize sales production. We coach CEOs, Executives, sales teams, and sales leaders.  Our clients are business champions who are fearless as they overcome obstacles. They know how to find opportunities that serve their goals.  Professionals just like you learn to live creative, innovative personal and professional lives of abundance.

about slingshot method
How would it feel to achieve your potential despite everything up until today that has held you back?

You have the wisdom and the potential to achieve your goals despite the circumstances you are experiencing.
Despite the financial limitations that delay your plans…
Despite the skill deficit that causes you to be ignored at your work.

Despite  an environment where you are beaten down instead of encouraged…
Despite the lack of support…
Despite grief over loss…
Despite missed opportunities from the past…
Despite mistakes, misfortunes and misunderstandings…

DESPITE all of this,
we are letting you in on something AWESOME.


Despite whatever obstacle that stands in the way of you thriving, personally, professionally, in business, in relationships, 

whatever stands between your desire and your results, THAT is what the SLINGSHOT Method has been designed to identify and overcome.

We cannot hit a target we cannot see. We cannot see a target that we don’t believe exists or that we don’t believe exists for us. 

Our best clients know that they are capable of achieving their goal and getting better and more results than they are currently getting.

Our clients have some Giant Goals, they simply need a little help
and a Slingshot.

Most people simply need to believe in themselves. 

They lack confidence.   

Professionals who work with us know that if they could just get past this one issue,        they would hit their stride.

Maybe it’s a limiting belief or lack of confidence in some tactical Sales Skills.

Perhaps, it’s not having an implementation game plan with support, feedback and problem solving
Or, it’s managing the distraction of toxic relationships
or a health crisis
Or a period of transition that needs to be carefully navigated.

We use easy-to-remember “hacks” that we call Slingshots, and we map them together in a system that helps our clients overcome the obstacles that hold them back.

We are serious about what we do! Our Coaching framework is based on the highest ethical Coaching Standards as defined by the International Coaching Federation. Yes, we are certified coaches!!! If change is what brought you here. You have come to the right place.

If you’ve heard about us and what sets us apart, we’d like to invite you to take a Coaching Readiness Assessment. After this assessment, you will have taken a step towards knowing if a Slingshot Coach is right for you. And, don’t worry, we don’t bombard you with marketing.

You know where to find us if you need us. We’ve been waiting for you.